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     Idaho Sex Offense Awareness and Reform (ISOAR) is committed to advocacy for those with a sexual offense as well as for their families.  Our goal is to help to create a pro-social environment where those with an offense can work, live and experience the support of families, friends and neighbors, thus reducing their risk to recidivate.  By working with our lawmakers, the Department of Corrections, treatment providers and the public, through education, communication and accountability we can move toward healthy restoration, as well as safe and productive re-entry.  ISOAR's mission also includes dispelling myths and facts regarding sexual offending, and the reduction and eventual removal of the negative implications of the sex offender registry.


     We believe that when an individual has been through the court system and served their time and are completing or have completed probation/parole then that individual has the constitutional right to live a life that is free from harassment, free from loss of employment or residency simply due to the fact that they are a "Registered Sex Offender".

     We also believe that the Sex Offender Registery laws are outdated and need to be reformed if not abolished all together.


     ISOAR, Idaho Sex Offense Awareness and Reform does not condone or support any sexual abuse of any kind against any man, woman or child of any age.  We do however support that when a sexual crime has been committed that fair punishment and treatment be enacted,  including accountability with counseling by a certifed treatment facility.

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Idaho Sex Offense Awareness and Reform

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